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Consulting & Training

Business area that provides consulting services, technical assistance, courses, workshops, training for companies, governments and individuals.

New Public Management Consulting

* Diagnosis and preparation for compliance with the Intragob® quality model

* Preparation for certification to ISO 9001 quality standards

* Operational audits

* Program audits

* Process Benchmark

* Redesign of processes

* Documentation of your controls and procedures

* Strengthening internal control processes

* Physical asset inventories and reconciliation with accounting records

* Environmental audits

* Preparation or updating of the Organizational and Procedures Manual

* Citizen service system E-learning

* Digitizing user services processes

* Application Services (App)

* Elaboration of Atlas of Risk

Some courses that are given.

*.Safety, occupational health and environmental protection

*.General First Aid, Bleeding and CPR

*.Basic Concepts on Environmental Protection

*.Classification and management of hazardous waste

*.Detection Devices and First Aid

*.Courses on Regulations and Contract Administration (PEMEX)

*.Federal Regulations on Safety, Hygiene and the Working Environment

*.Regulation of Safety and Hygiene of (PEMEX) and Subsidiary Organisms.

*.Basic Security Rig-pass Registration with the IADC

*.Basic Concepts and Definitions of Emergency Response Plan

*.WELL-CAP Level 1 Registration with the IADC

*.Defensive Driving (Vehicles)

*.System of permits for work with risk (SIGNATARY)

*.Self-contained breathing apparatus (ERA)

*.Use of gas detection equipment: explosimeter, oxygen and toxicity

*.Material Safety Data Sheets for substances involved in contract work

*.Work at Heights

*.Classification and management of hazardous waste (NOM´S)

*.Detection Devices and First Aid

*.Safe Forklift Operation

*.Classification and use of respiratory protective equipment

*.Gas Verifier

*.Risks in confined spaces

*.Identification of risk areas at work

*.Critical Procedures

*.Work Safety Analysis (AST)

*.Effective Audits

*.Root Cause Analysis Methodology

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