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Business axis that carries out innovative technological projects, oriented to public and private works, constructs, develops, designs and executes with advanced engineering and architecture systems that guarantee greater precision, allow numerous simulations and alternatives and eliminate inconsistency problems of different disciplines, generating a high quality product with greater added value.

The Company's services are as follows:

*. We apply electrostatic paint (powder painting) for all types of metallic products, metal and plastic parts, leaving an excellent quality finish, with greater resistance to corrosion and durability.

What is electrostatic painting? It is the application of electrostatic powder coating in which it is mixed with air and electrically charged. Electrically charged particles adhere to the surface to be painted, which is grounded. The result is a uniform, high quality, surface bonded, attractive, high-quality and durable coating.

*. Processing of metallic parts according to your requirements.

*. Micro-wire welding.

*. Topography.

*. Terraces.

*. Planning of industrial plants.

*. Construction of exterior works: roads, drains, railway spurs, etc.

*. Foundations: buildings, special equipment, containers, etc.

*. Structures: metallic, concrete or mixed.

*. Roofs: concrete slabs or metal structures with different types of roofs.

*. Industrial Buildings or Industrial Warehouses

*. Housing and Residential Homes

*. Urbanizations and in general everything related to civil works.

*. Search of the most suitable technical-economic solution for each situation.

*. Development of solutions with the latest technology and knowledge.

*. Participation and advice to the client in decision making.

*. Management of formalities before Official Bodies.

*. Follow-up of structured and organized works.

*. Verification of compliance with the initial forecasts.

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