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For many years, the objectives of food production at the international level were only to increase the quantity of food and reduce costs.

This emphasis on price has progressively eroded the health and safety of our food, which is detrimental to consumers.

EUSK MEXICO, interested in the health of consumers, aims to contribute to healthy eating, while preserving our roots and traditions, has rescued a recipe with the intention of informing and remembering that Mexico is a great nation and firmly wants to make known what was a drink of the Gods in prehispanic times, called "CACÁU Drink Traditionally of Gods".

We are aware that all these wonders must be appreciated and preserved. "CACÁU Bebida tradicionalmente de dioses" is a product 100% natural and without preservatives, that by means of a trial of experimentation we have confirmed that it is a feasible product, not only in its elaboration process but that it is pleasant to the palate because they are selected grains of indigenous communities of Tlaxcala, Tabasco and Chiapas.

With this we are able to satisfy and guarantee that it is always made with the health of the consumer in mind, making it a product that occupies a place in the homes of our consumers, through the quality of it can satisfy the primary needs of those who consume it.

"CACAU, traditionally a drink of gods", is made with selected corn and cocoa beans native to Mexico, simple and practical to prepare at home, being a nutritious drink that complements the family's daily breakfast; summer can be taken cold and in the hot winter. It fits your lifestyle; just try it.

One of CACÁU's objectives is to let you know what is part of a millenary heritage of generations, since it is a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation, never losing the essence of our origins.

Now we want to share with the world the greatness of this pre-Hispanic drink, which was conceived to be taken by the Gods and now you can drink it.

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