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Business Axis that covers the entire practice of the activities associated with applied engineering, governmental procedures, contracts with PEMEX, construction and equipment for the creation of infrastructures in oil and energy processing facilities.

Focused on the oil industry in the drilling and exploration, refining and other sectors.

*. Civil and Mechanical Construction Works specialized for the oil industry.

*. Oil Flushing.

*. Sandblasting and corrosion protection applied.

*. Laying of lines.

*. Installation of structures (Platform and Ground).

*. Carbon steel and stainless steel piping.

*. Maintenance and Rehabilitation of vertical storage tanks.

*. Application of primary coatings, bonding, finishing and marking on pipes of different diameters.

*. Specialized consultancy in the integral management of drilling, construction, maintenance and acquisition contracts (Pemex Law and Works Law).

*. Integration of Bidding Bases

*. Elaboration of Instructive and Formats

*. Design of Acceptance/Evaluation Criteria or Analysis and Consistency

*. Revision of documents (contract - bidding rules - technical and administrative bases)

*. Follow-up of government permits

*. Attention to requests from the contractor

*. Elaboration of the System and Monitoring of the Communication Plan

*. Technical supervision

*. Monitoring of communications (BEOP)

*. Elaboration of proposals for attention to requests in the contract with PEMEX.

*. Revision of engineering projects

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