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Flushing, Filtering and Total Oil Maintenance

Total Purity and Flushing in Hydraulic Oil and Lubricant Systems.

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What is the most important part of any hydraulic circuit, but usually the most neglected?


Problems related to hydraulic and lubrication systems account for 80% of mechanical system failures.

Among the problems of hydraulics and lubricants, pollution accounts for 80% of them.

The longer a contaminated fluid is used and the greater the damage to the equipment, the higher the cost of repair.

The contaminants that are usually found in oil are:

* Solids - Metals / Sand / etc.

* Fluids - Water / Different Oils / etc.

* Bacteria - Water in Oil.

* Mushrooms - Water in Oil.

* Air - Efforts in the Fluid.

!!Anything that shouldn't be there!!

Where Do Contaminants Originate?

* New Components

* Environmental Pollution

* Assembly and Maintenance

* Fluid Transference

When should flushing be performed?

Before a new or newly modified system is put into operation, flushing of all piping and hoses is necessary to achieve the cleaning levels required by the manufacturer in accordance with ISO 4406.

In equipment that has been in operation for a long time, it is also necessary to filter the oil, monitor its conditions and periodically flush the lubrication systems according to these conditions.

Benefits of Clean Oil

In conclusion, the flushing value does not lie 100% in saving oil but in increasing reliability, it is an investment that in a single movement reduces the probability of failure by 80%.

"When there is failure, the loss of production and high repair costs are 10 to 10,000 times the cost of keeping the oil clean."

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