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Electrostatic Paint

Es el terminado más agradable a la vista y tacto, siendo más resistente con mayor adherencia en la superficie donde se aplique.

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How do we fight corrosion?

We apply with a special equipment; electrostatic gun, powder coating, it is mixed with air and electrically charged.

The electrically charged particles adhere to the surface to be painted, which is earthed.

Benefits obtained

* Longer lasting than liquid paints.

* It is the best protection against corrosion and resistance to chemicals and solvents.

* Better outdoor durability.

* Very good chemical and mechanical resistance.

* Paint melts, forming an extra tough film.

* Hardness and durability to impact torsion and slow deformation

* It is Thermo-Endurent, once cured it does not melt again with heat

* Coatings with specific layer thicknesses in microns guaranteed

* Resistance to weather-proof extreme weather conditions, such as effects of sun, ultraviolet rays, heat, cold and humidity.

How do we apply it?

1. Cleaning

The area to be painted must be completely clean with different products that ensure the cleaning of the material to be painted.

2. Application

The application of powder coating is based on an electrical system that orders the poles, giving an orderly application to the required micronage (uniform thickness requested)

3. Baking

Its cooking is based on baking from 180 to 220 degrees for a certain time, according to the material.

4. Hardness

Once the hardness of the paint has been achieved, the product is ready for the customer's physical examination and touch as well as for laboratory studies.

How can we apply it?

Ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic objects, parts and metal parts.

Materials such as steel, aluminium and galvanized metals

Where can be applied?

* Commercial / Automotive

* Industrial

* Hospital

* Household

* Electrical

* Oil Industry

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