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Software, App, Home Automation & Robotics

We develop software tools with multiple programming languages for desktop applications, web applications, Apps for IOS & Android platforms.

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Custom-made computer tools.

* Development of innovative software for the industry.

* Desktop applications or programs.

* Systems development under web platform.

* Software project management.

* Information systems analysis.

* Mobile Application Development

* Database Administration.

* Technical and strategic support to the Information Technology infrastructure.

* Research and technological development.

Electronic Counterintelligence and Intelligence

We provide a cutting-edge service that provides electronic security measures and countermeasures, combining the latest in technology applied research and information protection.

What is electronic counterintelligence?

It is the activity carried out in order to avoid cyber spying, protecting the information (personal, sensitive or classified) of individuals, competitors, rivals, groups, governments and enemies, who use malicious methods or techniques on the Internet, networks or computers.

Have you thought that inadequate protection of your electronic data and files might make you one more figure in identity theft statistics or vital impact on your business?

Imagine that you have vital information about your person, family or business on your computer or worse, you have it stored on a USB and you lose or steal it.

Don't imagine it, it's a reality and you're exposed!

We have a laboratory and technical staff that trains and advises users on both tactics and cybernetic strategies.

Our clients value your privacy and we know that when hiring our services they are relying on our discretion. That is why we always ensure maximum confidentiality and do everything necessary to keep your information private.

Home automation

* Technologies applied to the intelligent control and automation of the home, which allows efficient management of energy use.

* Intelligent management of lighting, air conditioning, hot water, irrigation, appliances, etc.

* Facilitate the management of household items for people with disabilities.

* Security through automatic surveillance of people, animals and goods.

* Communication through remote control and supervision of the home, office or business through your phone or PC.

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